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100 Thousand Poets for Change

Come Join Us! Saturday, September 24th, 2011—4-6 pm

5712 Roland Ave., Baltimore, MD, 21210

Around the USA and across the planet, poets will unite in a demonstration/celebration to promote social, environmental and political change.

Lane Berk, Gail Langstroth, and others host

An Open Reading to recognize

The Transformative Power of Poetry,

The Possibility for METANOIA*,

The Power of The Word as we use it or abuse it in thinking, speaking, writing, communicating.

Join us! Bring a poem, a song, a dance!

(And your own snack or refreshment!)

Please come on time as the downstairs door will have to be closed after 4:20 pm.

For more information call: 727 656 4087

Metanoia* in the Greek means to change or rethink for the better.