I realize that the original emotions/motions which bring the poem onto the page must be transformed. The poem cannot fully speak until these emotions/motions are washed. Once the poet’s original impulse has changed and is hushed, the poem sounds.

Essence it distilled through
quiet’s washing.



100 Thousand Poets for Change

Come Join Us! Saturday, September 24th, 2011—4-6 pm

5712 Roland Ave., Baltimore, MD, 21210

Around the USA and across the planet, poets will unite in a demonstration/celebration to promote social, environmental and political change.

Lane Berk, Gail Langstroth, and others host

An Open Reading to recognize

The Transformative Power of Poetry,

The Possibility for METANOIA*,

The Power of The Word as we use it or abuse it in thinking, speaking, writing, communicating.

Join us! Bring a poem, a song, a dance!

(And your own snack or refreshment!)

Please come on time as the downstairs door will have to be closed after 4:20 pm.

For more information call: 727 656 4087

Metanoia* in the Greek means to change or rethink for the better.